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"If you don't see the book you want on the shelf, write it." Beverly Cleary

My books are available for purchase on Amazon. A direct link can be found beneath the description of each book. 

They are also available for purchase at several businesses local to Paducah, Kentucky:

Davis Drugs, Strawberry Hill Pharmacy, Hooper's Outdoor Center, Montgomery Gardens, Cindy's Flowers & Gifts, Hank's TruValue, and The Ice House Gallery (Mayfield, KY).



A Horse Named Willie

A Horse Named Willie is a heartwarming tale about a horse who was born for something very special.  It was some time before he found out just how special and how important he was in the lives of so many people.


A Horse Named Willie is based on the work done through an organization in Paducah, Kentucky called Cassidy's Cause Therapeutic Riding Academy. 25% of the proceeds from the purchase of A Horse Named Willie will go to their organization

A Horse Named Willie, The Gift

A Horse Named Willie, The Gift is the second story about a Willie; a horse who was chosen for a great purpose. The tale centers around the work a fictional horse does through a very real organization in Paducah, Kentucky. Every time someone sits on  Willie's back they become better,  stronger, and more confident. This is a story of service to others and gratitude. 

25% of the proceeds from sales of A Horse Named Willie and A Horse Named Willie, The Gift will be given to Cassidy's Cause Therapeutic Riding Academy. 

Sebastian & The Wise Old Man

Have you ever had a question that no one knew how to answer? Sebastian did so he went in search of the one person who could answer it for him. 

 Sebastian & The Wise Old Man is the tale of a little boy with a big question and his journey to find the answer. Along his journey he meets friends with questions of their own. In the end, they find one answer to answer all of their questions 

The Magic Lady

Sometimes special people come into our lives and sometimes they leave. The Magic Lady is a tale about a special person named Anna Katherine that came into a little boy's life and touched his heart in a way that would last his lifetime and beyond. 


Creatures of The Forest

Forests are full of squirrels, groundhogs and coyotes, but they aren't always scary! Deep within the forest exists a magical world if you let yourself believe. Do you believe?

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